Monday, 18 October 2010

Facebook Abstraction

As promised, the critique on the submissions. I awarded John first place for his shot of the yellow fibre optic lamp. This was interesting and captured the spirit of the project.  I guess the low light levels gave difficulty with the exposure; I would like to have seen the blacks boosted to give more contrast perhaps.

Michele’s drinking straws was captured well; an energy saver lamp placed to the rear gave a surreal glow.

Both Dorothy and Sarah entered photos of everyday objects. Cellophane when scrunched up reflects light at lots of various angles and can be used to good effect. Perhaps try this again, pulling back a little to get a sharper image, and try to use a source of coloured light to add to the effect. Tea bags were a novel idea; sometimes the most mundane of objects around the house can be used for inspiration. Technically both shots were out of focus – a limitation of the cameras I would guess. 

Steve’s capture of the corks was also a good one; the image was well composed and interesting.

So thanks to you all for giving it a go, I wanted to show that we sometimes take for granted the mundane and that it is not necessary to travel miles for inspiration, sometimes it can be found on your doorstep.!/pages/Paul-Clark-Photography-for-Thanet/167727298579?v=wall

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