Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Probably the worst time of the year that you may decide to take a photo will be mid-day during the summer.  The sun will be high in the sky creating very flat, bland lighting.

Autumn and winter give the exact opposite. The sun will be low on the horizon, creating dramatic shadows and far more appealing landscapes. People’s faces, if posed correctly, will have far more appeal. 

Our mind is truly amazing, given a small amount of information in a flat two-dimensional image, it is able to recreate depth and perspective, you, as the photographer, must ensure this happens by using the existing light to its best effect.

It is often said that photographers look for ‘good lighting’. What we really ought to say is that photographers look for good shadows. For the parts of the image that we cannot see can be equally as important as the parts we can.

So now is the time to get the cold weather clothing on and to head out for a walk along our coastline. Observe the shadows being cast on the land from clouds, trees, buildings, they are equally as important to the overall scene.  Look at how waves appear more pronounced with the additional contrast created by this dramatic lighting.

And as a plus, with the clocks rolling back an hour and the days becoming shorter, we no longer have to get up at an unearthly hour to photograph the sunrise too.

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