Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The French Polisher


Many years ago, I worked in a company that also employed a French polisher.
His main role was the restoration of pianos. The various smells that emanated from
his work area were sometime pleasing – smelling a little like wine, whilst at other
times the smell was downright offensive. I would pop in and see him and ask how he
put up with such an awful smell, his answer; ‘What smell?’  He had worked for so
long with the smells that he no longer noticed them.

We as photographers can sometimes be guilty of the same thing. We fail to see the
opportunities to capture images within our own local environment, we have become so
used to the sights and sounds local to us that we choose to ignore them.

So today when you leave your home, try to take a little time to look again with fresh
eyes at the world on your doorstep, you may be surprised at what you find.

My friend the French polisher gave me many words of wisdom, another tip was
on the polishing of flat surfaces. ‘Concentrate on the edges, the centre will look
after itself’. It occurs to me that this too, is useful to remember when taking photos.
We tend to focus on the subject placed in the centre of the frame. So like the
polisher, try to concentrate on the outside edges of your images too,  they are just as
important to the whole composition of the final image.

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