Friday, 28 January 2011

New Year, New beginning


Hi everyone. I apologise in advance,  this is not so much about photography....
It's all about me! 

Over the last year I have shot several events for clubs, and many portraits of friends, family and acquaintances.  I have done all of this for free. In fact 'for free' meant a significant outlay in materials and time for me. Those people have gone away with some fabulous shots, and I hope some great memories. In return I have learnt a lot, met some great people, and gathered some images that I have been able to use for my web site.  The purpose of all of this work was to have in place the groundwork for the launch of my new business venture.

I have become concerned that the offer of my time and services in return for the release of the rights to use an image has been misunderstood. The purpose of  what photographers call a 'time for prints' contract, is one that allows the photographer to offer their services  where their is a 'mutual benefit'. It allows the photographer to gain experience with new equipment or to try out different ideas, while the model has the chance of gaining images for their portfolio etc. It is not meant to be a subsidised portrait session.

It may seem to you, that all that is required to take a great portrait is a decent camera. Not true.  Technical competence, the ability to interact with your client, and the additional hardware makes this a very expensive career to start up in.  Also the image does not come 'out of the camera and onto the paper'. A lot of time is spent on the computer to make that image shine before you see it.

To be completely transparent, I have decided that with the start of the new tax year, Paul Clark Photography will be officially trading. This is a very exciting prospect for me, and we hope to have some super offers. Watch out also for full details and prices to appear on the web site very soon.

All that have followed my progress have given me great support and encouragement. I still want to arrange some walks and meetings as social gatherings for all of you, and any new friends we may make on the way.


  1. Bit of a long shot here Paul but I have just been looking at your father’s photos of the 1953 storm and wondered if you have any of Ramsgate?

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for contacting me. I am not aware of a great deal of Ramsgate content. I lost my father a few years back, his photo collections were mothballed. There are so many of them in varoius formats that it will take some time to trawl through them all. If I come across anything I will let you know.