Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Social Networking and the UK market

Like many photographers I listen to numerous podcasts and read an equal number of blogs each month. Most of these originate from the good ol'  U.S. of A. They hammer home time and time again the importance of the Internet as a medium for 'selling yourself', with some exceptionally good photographers posting daily.

A few nights ago, after spending some time checking all of my on-line persona's I was suddenly aware of how much non productive time I had just spent. In fact since then I have deliberately not logged into any external services until I had completed the image editing for the night. 

I then got to thinking, how much income or enquires had been generated from these various sources?  Genuine enquiries had come in via the web site,  whilst facebook queries were inevitably those looking for 'time for prints' jobs.

This was in contradiction to the recommendation of 'professional bloggers' that we ought to all shut down our web sites and blog for business - as the mighty Google is far betterr at throwing up results from blogs. 

Now my question, is this just a sign that I am a lousy blogger (yes I hear my six followers shout out!) or the UK market is radically different to the American market? 

Twitter and various blogs are ideal for me to keep in touch with my professional contacts, but will they generate meaningful leads?  Are British people more likely to find and hire a photographer via a web search  or via a more personal approach, such as wedding fayres or a retail establishment?

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