Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Corner cutting on branding is detrimental to your business

I had a new follower on Twitter today. A business consultant wishes to exchange information.  They give me advice on how to run a successful business and in exchange, I give them credit or debit card details.

So here is my piece of free business advice for all of you out there in www land who wish to sell your services to me.

If like me, your requirements in the early days of your business are a template site, then yes, that is acceptable providing the content is original.

However, if you wish to offer me professional services, the first thing I will do is check you out. And as a photographer, your images are the first thing I will look at.

Now this particular site has several images of happy workers, busy professionals shuffling paper with immaculate smiles, I am sure you get my drift.

A quick reverse image search discovers that the images crop up in over 183 places.

These people get around, they are media consultants in America, they work out of several Russian based locations, a UK medical practice, sales leads sellers, qualification sales advisors, rent apartments in Liverpool, use the credit union, do something with anti virus protection, have a job site in the Netherlands… oh and they are also featured on Flickr and a micro stock web site, to name but a few.

I cannot take a company seriously who wishes to sell me, a photographer, business advice, when they have so little care on the creation of their own business brand.

My free advice J

Hire a photographer (ahemm cough cough) and get some real photos done. Lets see the real ‘you’ and your team, not some fake models from America whose image has been used on countless web sites. Honestly, would you not be a little peeved if you were running a web site promoting vegetarianism, only to find that the local kebab shop is using the same images?

Be unique – sell yourself effectively.

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