Monday, 13 June 2011

I am rapidly approaching the half way mark for my 365 project. For those unfamiliar, one picture every day, the underlying idea is to improve your photography. I am not so sure this is the way to do it. Looking back on the last six months,  I am happy with a lot of the images, disappointed with some, and downright embarrased with a few. Amazingly, the ones where I have been up against the wall due to other commitments and have 'made something up', are the ones that others have appreciated the most! 

What it has done though, is give me a day-by-day photographic diary for the year. I can look at an individual image and remember what I was doing vividly.

Another thing, what is a plain boring image today, may be something special in a few years time. It was a snapshot, not very exciting, of the car park and shop front for the local Focus DIY store that is closing down. Will the building be demolished? Will it be refurbished? Whatever happens it will never be the same. In  a few years time this image may end up being more than a snapshot to someone. If I were not on this personal 365 project, I would not have considered taking this picture, let alone posting it.

So at the half way mark, has it improved my photography? Not at the moment.

At the end of the year, providing I complete the project, I will look back again and see if my feelings have altered.

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