Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Excuse me sir, do you have a permit for that tripod?

Now I freely admit this is not my idea. I came across it on a good web site called Larry's cheap shots. Larry posts video and blogs on methods to save money on hardware mostly. I highly recommend you take a look.
Larry became tired of being asked by the "jobsworth" amongst us if he had permission to use a tripod in a public place and whether he had a permit. So, he made his own!
The permit is affixed to his tripod and so far has resulted in no further enquiries. Now, I have never had an issue with using a tripod, but this made me chuckle, and for fun I made my own. If nothing else it will possibly be a talking point.
My permit is fully endorsed by TIPPAL the Tripods In Public Are Legal organisation who oversee all manners to do with monopods and tripods on public land :)

Look Up Larry at