Monday, 23 April 2012

Free Attendance at your Wedding


For 2012 we are offering five couples the chance to have us photograph their very special day, in the Thanet area, absolutely free of any attendance charge or commercial day rates.


No catch, here is how it works.

On your wedding day we will supply the photographic services absolutely free.  After the images have been processed we will invite you to your own private viewing, where you can decide what you wish to purchase.
One print, an album, a disc of images, it is totally up to you. Prices are highly competitive and we will have already discussed this with you at your initial meeting, so no surprises.


So, as we said no catch, but why are we doing this?

Simple, although we have been offering photographic services for some time, weddings are a new venture for us as a business. As such, we have limited material to use for promotional work and for advertising. In return for waiving our attendance fee, you simply agree to allow us to use any of the images we wish for our own use.


Still have your attention? Then why not give us a call? 

We already have two three of the five offers booked, so hurry!


Paul Clark Photography

Mob: 07790 898486

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