Saturday, 1 September 2012

Garlinge Festival and why Prints Rule


Next weekend the residents of Garlinge will be getting together for some fun.  A number of  events will be running over the weekend including stalls, song and dance, plus the Hussar will be hosting the annual beer festival.

An art and photography exhibition is also going to be featuring work from a wide variety of people from the local area.

So, if you are anywhere nearby next weekend, please stop by and enjoy the fun.  I am going to be around on the Sunday, so if you see me wandering about, come say hello!

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Printing your images

The Garlinge Festival very kindly asked me to add some of my work to the photographic exhibition. Its going to be a very informal show by the sounds of it, and to make it easy for whoever was arranging it, I have handed over some unframed prints. Now the dozen images I chose were wherever possible all local to Garlinge, you will find a couple of shots a bit further afield - for those well travelled, you may spot a distant place called Broadstairs.  Half of those I handed over include local people I have had the opportunity to capture this year. So if you live in Garlinge - and have seen me for portraits, you may wish to take a look.

This digital world in which we live means that most of the time photographs we take stay in memory chips within our phones or cameras, a massive number are uploaded to social networking sites, others are simply forgotten about. We spare a passing glance at them before clicking on to the next picture. But this is the thing, when an image is printed out and held in our hands it transforms into something wonderful. They take on a life of their own, they sparkle, they capture us, they make us stop and think. I myself became mesmerised by those images in a completely different way to when I had viewed them on a monitor.  So give your eyes a treat, print some of your best images, hang them on the walls of your home, put them in albums, but most importantly of all - never ever loose them.

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