Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Autumn in the Park

A few weeks back just as the weather was on the turn, we met up with a lovely family at Northdown Park in Cliftonville for our ‘Portraits on Location’ package. This is normally around an hour or two, either at your home or at a location where we can have some fun.
It was a chilly day so everyone was wrapped up, bright coloured clothing helped to create contrast with the autumnal colours.
I love Northdown Park for photo-shoots, we have a number of parks in the area, some are sadly neglected, but Northdown still has a diverse range of areas to make for a varied collection of images.

Our little friend was very interested in the camera, so we let her have one of the spares so she too could have a go…….It would appear that we may have some competition in a few years time.

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Solarium Point Ramsgate hosts The Big Hair Do 2016

A couple of months ago we were asked to attend Solarium Point in Ramsgate who were one of a number of salons across the country participating in  "The Big Hairdo",  a unique experience presented by Layered Online, in association with Creative Head Magazine. On hand were talented stylists and make up artists to answer questions and to advise on a wide range of styles and products.
 The atmosphere was fantastic, with lots of eager clients queuing up to see and experience the facilities on offer at Solarium Point

The staff were fantastic and handed out goody bags containing samples of hair and beauty products by Bumble & Bumble and other leading suppliers.

Local celebrity vlogger Siobhan who can be found on social media as justauniform was busily recording her latest makeover.
So, there we are, a fantastic evening, all of the staff at Solarium Point did a fantastic job, and the people who popped in to say hello were so super helpful in allowing us to include them in our record of the evening.

The Big Hairdo 2017 will be on September 27th so pencil in your diaries. We hope to see you there.

Family Portraits in Northdown Park, Cliftonville

Just before we waved goodbye to summer, skipped autumn and headed straight into winter, we attended a family photo shoot in Northdown Park.   The small-enclosed garden behind Northdown House makes a great location, although dogs must be kept on a lead.  We met up with Damien who had booked us as a surprise for his parents.

With such a wide range of ages we set about covering family groups, children at play and some of the family pets.

We always have some fun with the kids, after all who wants to have their portrait taken time and time again at that age? A tiger hunt was arranged and our intrepid explorers set off to check out the undergrowth (we failed to find any you will be pleased to hear)

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The Sands Hotel Margate

It’s been a very busy couple of months for us and we have fallen a bit behind with writing for the blog. So this is from a summery Saturday Wedding at The Sands Hotel in Margate.  Scott and Rebecca asked us to come along and cover the ceremony and a few formals afterwards. We were not required for the evening and so they took advantage of our coverage ‘by the hour’ package to customise their requirements.
The Sands Hotel

Rebecca was getting ready at The Sands – and they have some wonderful rooms with gorgeous mirrors that make for a great photo opportunity, we popped upstairs to see how things were going. Dresses were being fluffed and the final touches were under way, so a couple of pictures of the preparations and then we popped back downstairs to greet Scott before the service.
Groom at The Sands Hotel Margate

Rooms at The Sands Hotel Margate

Bride at The Sands Hotel Margate

Back upstairs to accompany Rebecca to the service, the chaise lounge outside the rooms is a lovely touch at The Sands, and another excuse for a picture.

Wedding Ceremony at The Sands Hotel

Wedding services are held in a lovely airy room overlooking Margate Sands

I might have some competition in the future…

Margate Seafront from The Sands HotelAfter the ceremony its time to head out for a few more pictures on the roof.  The view is superb from up here.
Margate Harbour from The Roof of The Sands Hotel

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Birthday Party!

It doesn’t matter what the event; a birthday, engagement party or just a family get-together, our party attendance will ensure that you don’t have to worry about recording those memories for the future.
 We were recently asked to pop along to a 1st Birthday Party at The Quarterdeck in Cliftonville. Arriving nice and early we took with us a white pop-up background and a few other bits and pieces to help add a bit of fun.

Once the guests arrived Michelle and I then split our time between the portable studio that was set up in the corner of the hall, and general pictures from the games and events as they unfolded.

 Images were then delivered on a decorative USB key about a week later.

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Pegwell Bay Hotel Wedding

The Pegwell Bay Hotel, and the adjoining Sir Stanley Gray Free House are located just outside the town of Ramsgate and operated by Thorley Taverns. It’s a great venue for weddings. If the weather is kind you can take advantage of the decked area that affords wonderful sea views.
We met up with Peter and his Best Man as they arrived outside. It was a wonderfully warm day so we were all set for an outdoors service.

Once everyone had taken their seat, all eyes turned to watch Julie make her entrance

 Michelle had taken up a position that allowed her a different viewpoint of the service whilst I waited at the front of the procession 

The Sir Stanley Gray was having a bit of a makeover. Scaffolding on the side of the building was within view, and there was nothing to be done about it. Being a wedding photographer is not just about the time we spend with you taking the pictures, you are also paying for the hours of post production which ensure we get the best out of your images.

 Vows and rings exchanged, the signing of the wedding certificate under the gazebo.

The official part is now over, time for some fun.

We leave Peter and Julie with their guests to enjoy their meal and wish them every happiness for the future.

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A Broadstairs Celebration

We had been watching the weather forecasts all morning; that’s one of the joys of being a location photographer – you have to be prepared with a plan B and have a C and a D tucked up your sleeve too. We had arranged to meet Amber and Luke in Broadstairs that afternoon for a family photo-shoot. They had recently returned to the UK after getting married abroad and as many family members were unable to attend they wanted some memories to share with them.

We began our afternoon with some images by the bandstand. The sky was looking a little moody by now – but we still had our fingers crossed. It seemed a shame not to take advantage of the clouds rolling in, so with a bit of jiggery pokery and a couple of additional flashes we were able to make it a tad more dramatic.

As we then moved on to our next location – the heavens opened. Everyone made a dash to the cover of the trees near the Louisa Bay. Thankfully our new friends were a great bunch and were not going to be put off by a bit of rain.

The children had some bubbles to play with so they were more than happy, and after ten minutes the clouds parted and we were back in business.

It didn’t take long for Broadstairs to return to a summery day, so we gathered everyone together for a few more images before making a move down to Posillipos Restaurant. On the way, passers by congratulated Amber and Luke and we stopped for a few minutes to get some pictures with a more summery view of Viking Bay.

Posillipos is a delightful restaurant located in Albion Street where we left Amber and Luke with their family to enjoy their meal together (after a few more pictures of course!)

 We wish our new friends every happiness together.

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