Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Broadstairs Celebration

We had been watching the weather forecasts all morning; that’s one of the joys of being a location photographer – you have to be prepared with a plan B and have a C and a D tucked up your sleeve too. We had arranged to meet Amber and Luke in Broadstairs that afternoon for a family photo-shoot. They had recently returned to the UK after getting married abroad and as many family members were unable to attend they wanted some memories to share with them.

We began our afternoon with some images by the bandstand. The sky was looking a little moody by now – but we still had our fingers crossed. It seemed a shame not to take advantage of the clouds rolling in, so with a bit of jiggery pokery and a couple of additional flashes we were able to make it a tad more dramatic.

As we then moved on to our next location – the heavens opened. Everyone made a dash to the cover of the trees near the Louisa Bay. Thankfully our new friends were a great bunch and were not going to be put off by a bit of rain.

The children had some bubbles to play with so they were more than happy, and after ten minutes the clouds parted and we were back in business.

It didn’t take long for Broadstairs to return to a summery day, so we gathered everyone together for a few more images before making a move down to Posillipos Restaurant. On the way, passers by congratulated Amber and Luke and we stopped for a few minutes to get some pictures with a more summery view of Viking Bay.

Posillipos is a delightful restaurant located in Albion Street where we left Amber and Luke with their family to enjoy their meal together (after a few more pictures of course!)

 We wish our new friends every happiness together.

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