Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A Summer Wedding for Phil and Heather

It was not long ago that the majority of wedding services were performed either at church or the register office.
Nowadays you have a wide variety of venues to choose from; and with a little planning you can even register your own home; which is exactly what Phil and Heather had done.
Our all-day packages come with images on a USB key AND a 30cm square standard album that can hold up to 98 pages; for this post we have shared with you a few of the pages as they would appear in the album. The dotted line down the middle of the picture is where the pages meet – it’s just an indication for us when we create the design – they do not appear on the printed album!
We arrived in plenty of time to start by photographing all the little things that make a difference to the day, from the table decorations to the bunting. We also take the opportunity to get the rings and the cake wherever possible.

wedding photography by paul

 Phil and his Best Man were now ready for us; we spent some time taking pictures, some serious, some not so serious…

Then it was off to see Heather and her Bridesmaids who were busy upstairs in the final stages of getting ready. It is not our general rule to publish bridal preparation images so we pick up the story as the wedding party begin the ceremony.


Jonathan & Nikki Curran from Your Toastmasters were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly and to supply a very unique addition to the day with the traditional opening of a champagne bottle with a sabre.
Heather was quite taken with the sword and cape…

The first dance on a beautiful summers evening
 So, our work is done; our love and best wishes to you both.

We will be at the Bell Hotel Wedding show, just by the quayside car park at Sandwich, Sunday 20th November or give us a call for a chat or to arrange a meeting. x

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