Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Actors Headshots

We recently had the opportunity to update a Ramsgate actors headshot, this is a service we are able to offer on location at your home, business or even in the big-wide outside world.
So what’s the difference between an actors headshot and a business headshot?
A business headshot for your Linkedin profile, or your marketing material is normally head and shoulders; it may even show your working environment in the background. You will be dressed in your working attire, be it a uniform or a suit, and radiate a confidence that tells your prospective clients that they need you – and only you.

Actors headshots are quite different, they still need to sell you as a person, but this time the image needs to be accurate and well lit with no heavy retouching. Turning up for an audition and looking nothing like your headshot will swiftly end in your rejection for the role.
Traditionally headshots were 10x8 prints in mono, modern technology and costs in printing means that colour images are far more popular and are sent by email and printed on a multitude of media.

The portrait format is still the most popular, although it’s a good idea to add a few landscape images to show how you look in a film or TV format.
You still need that opening image to be warm and confident, but you might wish to have a variety of headshots that cover your range to make up your portfolio.
So how else can we help? Well once you have the all-important headshot under your belt, you can then move on to increasing your portfolio with some additional images. A few looking away, some on location, they all aid a casting director and help you to get called in for jobs that you have a much higher chance of being picked for.

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