Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Autumn in the Park

A few weeks back just as the weather was on the turn, we met up with a lovely family at Northdown Park in Cliftonville for our ‘Portraits on Location’ package. This is normally around an hour or two, either at your home or at a location where we can have some fun.
It was a chilly day so everyone was wrapped up, bright coloured clothing helped to create contrast with the autumnal colours.
I love Northdown Park for photo-shoots, we have a number of parks in the area, some are sadly neglected, but Northdown still has a diverse range of areas to make for a varied collection of images.

Our little friend was very interested in the camera, so we let her have one of the spares so she too could have a go…….It would appear that we may have some competition in a few years time.

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