Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Planning the Big Day!

The time has come to begin the planning of your wedding, so where to start?

24 Months (or less) to go

Start with your budget. Discuss your plans between yourselves and your immediate family, and once you have decided on a figure, stick to it.

Where and When?   Next you need to meet with your minister of religion or registrar to make arrangements for your ceremony. They will guide you through the legal requirements such as applying for a marriage licence and help you with everything to do with the service. Once the date is booked its time to make sure your venue for the reception and catering is also available.
 Next, I strongly suggest you take out wedding insurance immediately. For as little as £20 you can protect yourselves against many of the costs you might incur if you needed to cancel your wedding.

18 Months (or less) to go
If you have not started already now is the time to go and sort out any wedding dresses and custom made suits. Some fabulous suppliers are in the area, and we keep a few links to people we have worked with on our web site.

Next it’s the turn of yours truly, the photographer. You will be spending a lot of time with your photographer, its important that you pick someone who you feel comfortable with and has a portfolio of images that are of a style that you like. Our portfolio contains real weddings and real people. For the Paul Clark Photography wedding portfolio just click here
If you are having a video made of the day   I recommend you hire a professional, they will have the experience you need to ensure we work as a team.
Book a toastmaster if required. For a large formal reception they can be worth their weight in gold to ensure all goes to plan. They will manage the order of the speeches, keep everything on time and make sure everyone is in the right place when needed.
Entertainment - DJ or Live music for that all important first dance.
Ok those are all of the essential services that need to be booked as soon as possible, now you can move on to the other important things:

  •  Produce the guest lists
  •  Order the invitations
  •  Order the wedding cake
  •  Book your honeymoon

Six Months To Go!

  • For those with wedding dresses, your supplier ought to be in touch any time now to arrange an initial fitting.
  • If the boys (or girls) are having hired suits or bridesmaids’ dresses now is the time to go get them ordered.
  • Catering to be finalised
  • The invitations will be sent out.
  • Flowers
  • Wedding rings to be chosen

This is not an exhaustive list, don't forget gifts for your helpers and if you have children in attendance make up some 'fun packs' with colouring books and small toys to keep them entertained.
The all important pamper session including hair, make-up and nails also needs to be booked
And that’s it. Shortly before the big day you will be meeting with many of the suppliers to finalise the details. Many of these providers may not contact you until it is only a matter of weeks to go to the wedding. If you are worried though, just give them a quick call to double check.

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