Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Quex House Engagement Celebration

“Why book a photographer for the party? After all, the guests will have their phones with them, perhaps we could get some of those disposable cameras to go on the tables”  Well, two wonderful people who were celebrating their engagement by throwing a party at Quex House, Birchington decided they did not want to leave it to chance.

The Quex function room had been illuminated for a blue theme (more on that later) and was filled to capacity with all of Chris and Nina’s friends and family.

Remember the blue theme we spoke about at the beginning? Well we set up additional flash lighting near to the DJ to allow us more scope and variations in the imagery captured.

We also set up additional lighting outside under the gazebo before asking Nina & Chris to come outside for a few more pictures.

Even the Quex House pussycat wanted in on the action.

So why book a photographer? Well, to start with your guests are there to enjoy themselves, and to celebrate the occasion. They will want to catch up with people they may have not seen in a long time. They may grab a few pictures between doing all of those things, but it will not be high up on the priority list. We on the other hand have been employed to do a job. We will constantly look for opportunities to photograph you and your guests, and wherever possible go that extra mile to do something no camera phone is capable of.
 Your images once edited and tweaked will be delivered to you on a decorative USB key ready for sharing or printing. Why not ask us to produce an album? We love albums; they do not rely on technology and can be browsed at any time.

 If you have an important event to celebrate why not give us a call to see how we can help?

Wishing you all the very best

Michelle and Paul

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