Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Renewing Your Vows at Salmestone Grange, Margate

It was a wonderful springtime afternoon at Salmestone Grange, a great location for weddings and events in Margate.  The daffodils had made an appearance for a very special ceremony; Tracey and Andrew were going to renew their wedding vows.

Salmestone Grange Margate

Salmestone Grange makes a wonderful background for your memories, it’s 14th Century architecture harks back to the days when it was a retreat for the Abbot and monks from the nearby Saint Augustine’s abbey at Canterbury.

wedding photography margate

Tracey was greeted by a dear friend who although now retired had driven many miles to officiate at the ceremony.

The Chapel was full to capacity as Tracey made her entrance.

Vows are renewed, and new rings are rededicated

Afterwards a certificate is signed and witnessed as a record of this special day

After the ceremony Salmestone Grange had prepared the banqueting hall where guests were going to sit  down to enjoy the in-house prepared carvery.  The official greeting line is a great way of making sure you capture every guest who attends, its all of these images that when combined make a perfect album to remember the day in years to come.

If you are thinking of renewing your wedding vows why not give us a call to ask how we can help cover your special day. With our ‘by the hour’ attendance packages we believe we offer an exceptional level of service and value for couples within Thanet and the surrounding areas.

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