Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Magical Commercial Shoot at The Lido, Margate

Rob Bentley Magician and Mind Reader contacted us recently to ask us to create some publicity images.  We were briefed to create images with a gritty feel – maybe using local graffiti as a background.

One advantage of working within Thanet is the diverse range of locations within a very small area, one of the reasons big screen films are often shot here. 

The Lido Margate

We decided upon a Sunday afternoon at The Lido in Cliftonville. I remember this place as a teenager, I spent many hours watching cartoons in the small cinema, and still recall the sound of Mr Savage playing the organ to the holidaymakers sat out in their deckchairs as I drove past it every day on my way to and from work.

Then it was just a case of picking our backgrounds to complement Rob working his magic. 

Card Shuffle at The Lido CliftonvilleLido Cliftonville. Magician and fire

Apart from tweaking the overall images to enhance the colour, contrast etc. no other ‘Photoshop’ trickery was performed on the images. The fire being conjured from Robs fingers was all of his own doing, and one of the only shots we chose to take against the cliff wall as it gave a better background for the fire.

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