Thursday, 8 June 2017

The story of a single image

When you employ a photographer the work does not stop when they leave the venue.  I thought it might be nice to share the story of just one image from the wedding of Amanda and Thomas that we covered recently at TheBell Hotel in Sandwich, Kent to give you a feel for what happens before and after the big day.

About a week before, as I always do, I checked the venue and the surrounding area. A short walk along the footpath from the hotel was a house with a lovely display of wisteria growing along the brickwork. It simply needed to be used. A quick picture on the phone to remind me to add it to my shot-list. Planning is the key. 

On the day of the wedding Michelle helped Amanda by arranging her dress, checking the details and making sure the bridesmaids and I were safe as we were near a road.  It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the moment and walk backwards off the footpath to get a better shot when you are concentrating. Michelle acts not only as a second shooter to ensure a wider range of images of your day, but also as my eyes and ears. 

And here we have the image straight out of the camera.  As it is I am quite happy with it, but lets get to work.
The vast majority of my editing is performed with Adobe Lightroom. First off we adjust the basics, tweaking the overall picture to remove any colour cast, adjust the sharpness, brightness etc.  This ensures all images are similar. When printed in an album you do not want to see wildly different colours between images on the same page.

After this we would normally adjust any specific areas that needed a little extra help, perhaps brighten a face, darken a dress, soften an area of the image.   The vents in the brickwork were removed, and the double yellow lines too,  if only we could do that in real life.  A repair to the footpath had been finished off in tarmac that did not sit well with the old paving slabs, so that had to go too.  Some of this can be accomplished in Lightroom, but for the most part we transfer the image into Photoshop for the final stage.

And that’s it; the story of a single image, only another 300 to go from this particular wedding.  

The Quay at Sandwich by Paul Clark Photography

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