Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lalla & Dan's Ramsgate Wedding

We have just handed over the final images to Lalla and Dan who were married last month at St. Laurence in Thanet Church. We arrived nice and early to cover the preparations, and also to meet up with Dan, his best man and groomsmen before they arrived at the church, which is where we pick up the story.


Dan and his Best Man Matthew were waiting to receive their guests at the church.

We took the opportunity to borrow the rings while it was still quiet. As we already knew that the wedding had a superhero theme we had bought along a couple of figures to help us to do something a little different.

 Time for Dan to disappear into the church as the bridesmaids arrive, followed
by Lalla and her father.

St. Laurence is the oldest church in Ramsgate and has a limited amount of space outside, with such a large number of guests we chose to cover just the smaller groups and wait until we arrived at the reception for the ‘everybody’ picture.

Planning is the key; as we had already prepared for the superhero themed wedding day, we made the most of it.  Everyone’s a superhero ready to fight for truth and justice.

We had a feeling Lalla was already aware that her new husband was a superhero.

 His super powers were no match for his new bride though….

The reception was held at the Pegwell Bay Hotel and we were just able to squeeze everyone onto the decking for the last big group.
The really nice weddings are the ones where that little extra thought has been put into the arrangements. With a lot of guests with children being part of their special day, Lalla and Dan had supplied a bouncy castle – it was a hit with kids of all ages.

We wish Lalla and Dan every happiness for the future and leave you with one last memory we created before leaving them to the evening festivities.