Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Teenage Photo Shoot At Home

School life for teenagers is stressful; the demands placed upon them for good exam results takes their toll.  So, where possible it's good to do something special for them from time to time.

A few weeks back I offered Victoria the opportunity to have some friends over for a photo-shoot. This is normally a service we offer on location either in a park or at clients home. We also cover commercial jobs in larger premises, most of the time we cannot show these images for various reasons, and whilst I did not arrange this shoot for personal gain, the parents of Victoria’s friends very kindly agreed that I could share some of  the images with you so you can see what we get up to.

We initially set up a Colourama Larkspur paper background. On the floor we placed a clear acrylic sheet that acts as a mirror to give a bit more shape to the image. 

We then made sure we had a good range of group shots and individuals portraits too. It's important to 'mix it up' and have a variety of shots to keep the Mums and Dads happy.

Afterwards with Halloween almost upon us we threw up a green screen background to give them something to put up on their social media pages nearer the time.  

To give you some idea of how we work in small locations we have a couple of shots that Michelle took on her phone. 

Then a bit of retail therapy folowed by visit to KFC - I must stress that we do not normally offer the last two services with photo shoots to clients. :)

Have a teenager in need of a photo shoot? Contact us for more information. 
Fixed price packages and customised photo shoots available to meet any special requirements.

 Paul Clark Photography is husband and wife team  Paul & Michelle, covering weddings, events and commercial work within South East Kent.

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